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101Ways BookCover

101 Ways To Help Your Child Learn To Read And Write

Winner of the Parents’ Choice Approved Seal,* this book provides the perfect collection of practical and enjoyable suggestions to help children develop reading and writing skills during everyday activities—in the kitchen, while watching TV, at bedtime, in the car and more! Makes an effective, affordable handout for parents. Grades Pre-K–6. * For review, see the Awards section at

Item No.: WB-101-1500 Price: $6.95 Also Available in Spanish
101Ways Spn BookCover

101 Ideas para ayudar a sus hijos a aprender a leer y escribir

This ideal handout for parents, also available in English, gives parents 101 ideas to help improve their children’s learning skills during everyday activities—in the car, at bedtime, in the kitchen, at the store, and many more.

Item No.: WB-101-1956 Price: $6.95 Also Available in English
Leamos BookCover

¡Leamos!/Let’s Read!

(101 Ideas to Help Your Child Learn to Read and Write) Our best-selling bilingual book offers parents 101 practical suggestions, side-by-side in Spanish and English, for parents to help their children develop reading and writing skills at home, at the store, in the car—everywhere! Short, easy ideas are enjoyable for the whole family.

Item No.: WB-101-1263 Price: $16.95 (6" x 9" Lay-Flat Binding)
Grandma Grandpa BookCover

Grandma & Grandpa, May I Come Over?

When grandchildren visit, they want to DO things. This book presents 52 different activitites for each week of the year. The activites are easy and inexpensive. They range from planting a seed to visiting a horse to dusting the bookshelves! All activities are both educational and enjoyable – a perfect gift for grandparents.

Item No.: WB-855-2334 Price: $12.95
With Love Grandma BookCover

With Love, Grandma

This collection of sample letters and books to share is full of whimsical illustrations and drawings by children. Subjects include holidays, family, the seasons, and school. Also included are developmental charts and a list of resouces.

Item No.: WB-855-2333 Price: $12.95
Gotcha Grandpa BookCover

Gotcha, Grandpa

Opens up a dialog on many subjects and issues, including self-esteem, goals, persistence, heroes, lessons from history, and more. Each subject accompanied by actual letters from seniors, as well as age-specific book lists for sharing. Essays discuss the benefits of cross-generational communication.A great gift for grandparents.

Item No.: WB-855-2335 Price: $12.95
Make a Difference Video DVD

Make a Difference: Talk about Books

(Sea usted una buena influencia sobre sus hijos: Hable acerca de los libros)

Reading aloud and talking about books is the most powerful modeling behavior parents can do to promote their children’s reading and learning. This video demonstrates enjoyable ways parents can share books with their children, connect with their kids, promote mutual respect, improve school performance, and instill a love of reading.

Parents receive specific ideas they can use at home. The video is divided into three brief parts with opportunities to stop and discuss after each section. Includes a 16-page discussion guide. Appropriate for parents of children in grades Pre-K–6.

English Spanish
VHS Item No.: WB-309-1628 Price: $59.95 VHS Item No.: WB-317-1698 Price: $59.95
DVD Item No.: WB-367-2342 Price: $69.95 DVD Item No.: WB-367-2343 Price: $69.95
Self-Esteem Behavior Video

Self-Esteem and Achievement Oriented Behavior

In this video, Dr. Motsinger gives parents the tools they need to identify where their children are on the stair-steps to self-esteem and achievement oriented behavior. Dr. Motsinger identifies for parents specific ways to positively influence their children’s self-esteem.

Each parent can learn to:

  • Meet a child’s basic needs
  • Meet a child’s relationship needs
  • Recognize and respond appropriately to each child’s different style of behavior
  • Recognize the traits of self-esteem and achievement oriented behavior
  • Encourage achievement oriented behavior in a child

Facilitator’s manual also includes a Blackline Master for Activities for Building Self-Esteem in Your Child from A–Z.

VHS Item No.: WB-317-2102 Price: $69.95


Available in English or Bilingual
Bookmarks are 2 1/2" x 8 1/2".
All titles may be personalized with school/program information.

Available in Bundles of 20 Price: $7.95 per Bundle
5 Steps Healthy Eating Bookmark

5 Simple Steps to Healthy Eating

WB-262-2302 English

WB-250-2296 Spanish/English

50 Ways Praise Child Bookmark

50 Ways to
Praise a Child

WB-262-2305 English

WB-250-2299 Spanish/English

Care for Pet Bookmark

Helping Your Child Choose and Care for a Pet

WB-262-2304 English

WB-250-2298 Spanish/English

Help be Creative Bookmark

Help Your Child
to Be Creative

WB-262-2301 English

WB-250-2295 Spanish/English

Teach about Money Bookmark

How to Teach Your Child
about Money

WB-262-2303 English

WB-250-2297 Spanish/English

Build SelfEsteem Bookmark

Building Self-Esteem
in Your Child

WB-231-2255 English

WB-231-2256 Spanish/English

ABC Caring Kids Bookmark

The ABCs of Caring Kids

WB-201-1790 English

Summer Fun and Learning Bookmark

How to Combine Summer Fun and Learning

WB-201-1005 English

Stay Healthy Bookmark

Stay Healthy!

WB-217-2122 English

WB-201-1947 Spanish/English

Wholesome Hints Bookmark

Wholesome Hints Bookmark Collection

Contains 50 each of the following titles:

  • Help Your Child to Be Creative
  • 5 Simple Steps to Healthy Eating
  • How to Teach Your Child about Money
  • Helping Your Child Choose and Care for a Pet
  • 50 Ways to Praise a Child

All Five Titles for the Price of Four!

WB-967-2310 English

Price: $71.80

WB-950-2300 Spanish/English

Price: $79.80

Parent Booklets

  • Ten fun and easy-to-read activities to boost learning at home.
  • Full-color, large-print, illustrated booklets
  • Perfect for parent conferences
  • Great handouts for PTA meetings!
  • Appropriate for tutors and mentors.
Available in Bundles of 25 Price: $29.95 per Bundle
Motivate to Learn Booklet

Click cover to view sample pages

You Can Motivate Your Child
to Learn

Item No.: WB-401-1502

Motivate to Learn Spanish Booklet

Click cover to view sample pages

Usted puede motivar a sus hijos a aprender

(You Can Motivate Your Child to Learn)

Item No.: WB-401-1503

Family Involvement Calendar Family Involement Calendar Spanish

Click Covers to View Samples

2013-2014 Family Involvement Calendar

Monthly tips for parents to support learning skills at home: Communicate with Your Child • Helping with Homework • Tutoring Your Child • Ten Everyday Chances to Read • The Value of Work • Math is All Around You and Six Additional Important Learning Topics!

Give one to every family! Order more calendars and save! 2013-2014 Family Involvement Calendars, with an emphasis on building literacy, are available in packs of 20.

Available in Packs of 20

Price: $59.95 per Pack

Item No.: Title
WB-401-1826 Family Involvement Calendar (English)
WB-401-1880 Family Involvement Calendar (Spanish)
13-14 Summer Activities Calendar 13-14 Summer Activities Calendar Spanish

Click Covers to View Samples

Summer Activities Calendar

A 14-week calendar that will help ­prepare your students for fall classes!
Get parents involved even when school is out.
When the new school year arrives, ­students will be ready to learn.

Activities that are so much fun,
kids won’t even know they’re learning!

Here are just a few to give you an idea!

  • A Weekly Activity for the whole family
  • Journaling Day
  • Word of the Week
  • Travel activities, and many more!


QuantityUnit Price
1 Calendar$2.99 ea
2-10 $2.79 ea
11-50 $2.39 ea
51-100 $1.99 ea
100+call for Quotation

Item No.: Title
WB-401-1995 Summer Activities Calendar (English)
WB-432-2262 Summer Activities Calendar (Spanish)

Parents Sharing Books Program

Foreword to Parent Leaders

Parent Sharing Books Program

Parents are no different from other learners—they do what they know how to do. If you want parents to read and to discuss books with their children, they need first to feel that they are capable of doing it. Parents don’t want to “screw up their kids,” especially in the area of literacy. Unless they feel knowledgeable, they probably will be inclined to do nothing.

In today’s age of specialized knowledge, parents may sense that almost everything they do with their children requires training. That’s the reason Parents Sharing Books was developed. Although many parents can use their own interest in reading and their own sense of how to converse about a book, they will benefit from learning motivation and discussion strategies, and book-selection techniques they can share with their children.

This program is a resource for organizers and leaders of parent groups who want to promote literacy and family communication. Besides hints and techniques for book discussions, the program provides group organization plans and meeting agendas for group leaders.

As a leader of a PSB group, you will make a big difference in the lives of your parent partners and their children. Here are just a few statements that we have received from parents who have participated in previous PSB groups:

This program has changed my life. This is the first time in my life that I have read a book all the way through.

My son and I are communicating again.

My eighth grader hasn’t read a complete book since the second grade. Now she has read three books with me in one semester.

In many respects, you are forming a parent support group for those who want ideas and resources to help them to become a more effective part of their child’s intellectual and emotional life. Thank you for giving your time and talent to uplift family literacy and communication. If we can help you in your work, please call on us.