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Teach a Child to Read with Children's Books

Timing is the key to success with emerging child readers of all ages. Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books skillfully presents and guides the reader through a process of recognition and reinforcement that customizes reading instruction to the specific child. Foundational reading skills are introduced as the child’s natural desire to learn develops. When the skill being introduced is relevant to a child’s desire to learn both teaching and learning become exciting, even joyful experiences!

Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books approaches reading instruction from a particular perspective: nurturing lifelong learners. Written specifically for parents, tutors and teachers who work one-on-one with children learning to read, Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books provides a comprehensive approach that provides tools to identify and implement research-based, instruction strategies without dampening a child’s enthusiasm for reading and learning.

Item No.: WB-5A9-2387 Price: $24.95
(Coil Bound)

Side by Side Bookmarks

Practical and Straightforward!
Each bookmark clearly displays the titles and tips in both English and Spanish.
The tips are concrete and easy to follow.

  • Give simple, effective tips to parents and families!
  • Help children learn at home!
  • Hand out at parent conferences and PTA meetings!
  • Colorful and inviting!
Available in Bundles of 20 Price: $14.95 per Bundle
50 Ways side by side bookmark

50 Ways to
Praise a Child

50 maneras
de alabar a un niño

Item No.: WB-2A5-2377

Homework Habits side by side bookmark

Encouraging Good
Homework Habits

Animando a tener buenos
hábitos en las tareas

Item No.: WB-2A5-2378

tips Test-taking side by side bookmark

Tips for Good

Consejos para dar
buenos exámenes

Item No.: WB-2A5-2379

Motivate to read side by side bookmark

How to Motivate
Children to Read

Cómo motivar
a los niños a leer

Item No.: WB-2A5-2380

Good Model side by side bookmark

Be a Good Model
for Your Child!

¡Sea un buen modelo
para sus hijos!

Item No.: WB-2A5-2381

Help Math side by side bookmark

Parents Can Help
with Math!

¡Los padres de familia pueden ayudar con las matemáticas!

Item No.: WB-2A5-2382

New Bookmark Title for 2010

Available in English or Bilingual
Bookmarks are 2 1/2" x 8 1/2".
All titles may be personalized with school/program information.

Available in Bundles of 20 Price: $7.95 per Bundle
Set Goals Bookmark

Helping Your Child Set Goals

Ayudando a su hijo a establecer metas

WB-286-2369 English

WB-286-2368 Spanish/English