This website is designed to provide effective, easy-to-use, high-value Family Involvement materials. We offer a variety of products that will give you excellent tools to help parents and caregivers to support a child’s education.

A variety of media: books, booklets, videos, audio tapes, bookmarks, and more, provide families with everything they need to support a child’s learning from home. As an educator, all these products will help you to encourage family involvement and support your educational efforts.

Plus, you’ll be able to reach out to Spanish-speaking families with a wide range of Spanish language products appropriate for parents of ESL students!

We invite you to travel our website, take a look at our products and hear from successful educators who are satisfied customers.

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Destination Learn will create and maintain a forum for educators, parents and individuals committed to strengthening and sustaining ties between family and educational institutions. We focus on the learning and literacy of at-risk students and their families with a particular emphasis on families with English as a Second Language. To provide resources, programs and training customized to the individual needs of our members.

To leverage the successes of member Parent Involvement and Family Literacy Programs and to share their “Stories of Success” with the membership through a quarterly newsletter.

To encourage, motivate and sustain Family Literacy as it evolves in our diverse culture of native English and ESL speakers.

DestinationLearn offers resources that will help you communicate more effectively with parents. They have developed a wide range of cost-effective products that provide practical solutions to improving student achievement.

These are easy-to-read handouts parents can use at home. They encourage parents to get involved in their children’s education and help sustain learning by building a bridge between school and home.

H.M. Motsinger, Vice President of Education, TEXANS CAN!, Dallas, Texas

We have been using these materials for over four years at the Family Opportunity Center.

Bookmarks and Booklets make great “free gifts” for parents whoattend our meetings. We distribute Parent Involvement Calendars to all participating families at the beginning of the year to help encourage their active participation.

These materials helped us start up and keep our center alive. After four years, we are growing and going strong. With a second site location and increased participation in our program the handouts, videos and other great parent resources are more useful than ever.

Ann Bennett, Director of the Family Opportunity Center and veteran school teacher
Santa Barbara Housing Authority - Santa Barbara, California

Parents have often heard these concepts before, but they aren’t sure how to apply them. Our parents like the practical, straightforward language the bookmarks use. The tips are concrete and easy to follow.

Lori Butler, 4th Grade Teacher Primitivo Garcia Elementary, Kansas City, Missouri